Bits and pieces of me ;)

Allow me
to introduce myself .. 
as cryptic,  short-sighted and as semi-impossible to encircle it all as it might or not be!

I am
an MA holder
a poetry-writer (or at least poetic-lines writer)
 an avid reader 
a net-searcher and surfer
a many-times blogger
a positive-thinker (or trying to be, anyway)
an inspired- teacher & reacher- if such a word exists -(trying to be for my students)
an endless learner
a good-side believer
 a conflict avoider
a success aspirer
a happiness chaser
an action reviewer
a universe contemplator
a word/world-imaginary painter 
 a prejudice avoider
a passivity evader
an energy receptor 
a mood-change sensor 
a book collector
a film watcher
a many-courses taker
a duplicity hater
an honesty advocator
a clarity upholder
a goal-setting supporter 
a self searcher
& questioner
lately an emotional eater!
love to be a language and literature combiner 
Sometimes a spontaneous speaker
at times a loner
other times a social mixer
a hardly emotional controller
But always 
a coffee drinker
cake & chocolate lover!

I aspire to be…
a good motivator
an inspiring- reaching teacher
a published writer
a PHD holder
a goal setter and achiever
a brilliant planner
and doer!
a smarter organizer
a deeper thinker
a less of a time waster
every minute catcher
a self- sufficient strengthener 
a morale supporter 
a joy bringer
a heart invader
a mind challenger
 a love & respect evoker
and creator!