Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Recharge your mobile using a T-shirt

's true !

"Mobile phone giant Orange has released a prototype t-shirt which powers mobiles while festival-goers watch bands in action.
Users can plug their phone in to the t-shirt, which uses noise-responsive technology, for a quick top-up charge whenever they need it".

I guess it won't be of use here since we don't have such noise-gathering as concerts! really! hmmm...

On second thought, we , No,sorry! -guys might be able to use it during football match!, while racing up with their cars in the streets while enjoying the deafening music!! 
What about us! Girls! can't we make use of such a T-shirt!?

sure...wear it to one of these noisy weddings or parties...LOL

Here is the link to the news if you'd like to check it out ;) 

T-shirt recharges mobile phones

And here is the Arabic-translated article on Electrony ;)

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