Sunday, July 24, 2011

A cute reminder of the Tunnock's Caramel Wafer

Do you remember  Tunnock's Caramel Wafer ?

We used to love them and miss them ;)

Well, if you miss them that much, there is a gentle cute reminder that I stumble upon while surfing the net ..
hmm....did I mention that it is comfy and cozy too??

Here is this cute Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Screen-Printed Cushion

You can get it from Folksy 

Inspiration: Live Today -Quote

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review: Sex & the City 2

Sex & the City 2 : Blog review

I watched sex & the city two days ago. Well, I know it’s a bit too late but I was following my sister’s advice not to watch it unless I have nothing better to do!!  I was bored the other day and wanted to watch something light that won’t get me deeply hooked and so I watched it!

The question that came to my mind: what did they really want out of this movie?
Apparently, they wanted to bring the “golden girls” together with their entire incredible wardrobe!
Well, they tried to come up with all sort of excuses to justify this gathering!
So.. They made up this brew that consists of almost everything!
Relationships & their problems:

1-Marriage relationship when there are no kids with Carrie & Mr.Big!
2-Marriage with kids and the problem of a hot nanny with Charlotte & her small family!
3-A bossy boss who can’t stand a powerful woman such as Miranda!
4-Menopause and hormone problems with Samantha

Then they thought let's spice things up & throw them all in the extravagance of a Middle Eastern city: Abu Dhabi

At which point a new element is introduced (beside the wealthy extravagant surroundings provided under the hospitality of the outrageously wealthy sheikh of Abu Dhubi & the owner of the splendid hotel in which the girls spend their gateway).

The seemingly new element is the middle east itself with it's uptight traditions about relationships & women!
Carrie Bradshaw becomes so ridiculously fascinated with it –at one point-that she watches (jaw-dropping) how a lady wearing niqap eats her French fries, one by one!
Samantha, always the outrageous rebel, is the heroine of many ridiculously shocking intervals that -surely includes sex in one way or in one word or another! Not caring about the conservative surrounding of her gateway and only caring about her own desires & sexual whims, she ends up getting expelled from the good graces of the sheikh ! Which means they have to pay from now on for their stay in the luxurious hotel & all their other expenses!
Amazingly, these extremely fashionable ladies that clad themselves with top branded clothing (and keep changing attires almost every 4 minutes or so) can't afford 22,000 dollar per night for their stay at that hotel!!! So they back up their incredible wardrobe in an hour & go!!
But of course! Things can't b that simple as Carrie discovers she forgot her passport earlier at the souk! They go to retrieve it & things get a bit complicated! And now the middle east seems like a frightful & dangerous place to be in!!
Rescued by a group of women , it seems the writer felt a bit guilty about the whole portrayal of the middle east so..
He makes it up by showing the ignorant world that Arabian women are nothing less than their peers worldwide! They are educated, cultured & fascinatingly highly fashionable as they take off their abayas and voila! the spring collection for Louis Vuitton just manifests from beneath the black veils!
Ah.. Did I mention earlier that fashion is the main hero here? Yep,,,& yep..
It's presence is just too glamorous and constant all along the "marvelous" events of the movie that even in the midst of the desert the girls manage to wear the best & the most incredible fashion ever and the least practical, i may add!
Fashion seems to be the only constant element in the movie as a matter of fact!

Are we done!?
No... Allow me to mention just one  more element that has been thrown into this mix & match brew of a movie... An element that Hollywood seems to be intent on constantly bringing it up in it's movies lately ! Do I smell a conspiracy here?
Yes…as one American friend of mine affirms that Hollywood is actually trying to soften the public about such matters so they’d accept it more easily and not fret or be shocked about it!!
What is it??
Homosexuality! The movie actually starts with a huge gay wedding as one golden girl's best "gay" friend marries the other girl's best gay friend!!! Not only that but even the closure of the movie as all problems are resolved , the problem of the hot nanny, that vexed Charlotte early on, is resolved by discovering that the "hot" nanny is in fact lesbian!! good this movie could ever be when it includes all sorts if ideas & references that is adequately covered by its title "Sex"!!
& when it is packed with starlets such ad Lisa Minnelli & Penélope Cruz and Miley Cyrus!{{(WHo appear  in merely one scene except for Lisa who sings a song)Their appearance seems an attempt to make the movie more successful or save it from drastic failure!}}
Not bad at all....ha!?
Even though IMDB has fairly rated it as deserving nothing higher than 3.9 out of 10!!

Sex & the City 2 is perhaps a living proof that golden girls no matter how fashionably clad they could be, would still appear boney, wrinkled and older than what we might like to see!
It is a proof that you can brew a seemingly successful mixture bringing to it all sorts of elements & stars and yet the very diversity of the mixture would make it fail in delivering a clear clever & worthy message!

All in all, I enjoyed watching the movie ..marveling at the fashion & luxurious surroundings but not impressed by the story or the golden girls!
 Here is a collection of pics from the you can look at the fashion for yourself ;)

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The beauty of food ;)

Food can be beautiful...Yes?

Lately, food has become a whole category of beauty on its own.

Our taste buds have been tantalized not simply by the taste of food but by its beauty that presents itself to our visuals!
More than ever, photos of food have become charming, tantalizing and forever inviting :)

This thought have crossed my mind as I stumbled upon this collection of photos while strolling in Polyvore ;)
(collected by caraheusel who thankfully permitted me to embed it here )

Thank you Cara  <3

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fashion Food Couture (Chanel)

 Few weeks ago, I got a broadCast message on my BB from one of my friends (MG) who was joking about how some people are just obsessed with high-branded stuff that it would be hilarious if food as well became high-branded and girls would start bragging how they only eat a "Chanel" burger or an LV meal!! 
Just imagine!!! 

Well, truth is ...
You don't have to imagine it!?  
You can see it right here... 
What do you fancy?

A Chanel fast food meal?? 

Well...Here you go

How about a semi-Chanel Onion ring? 


Maybe a Chanel Lollipop?

Maybe you'd like to much some extravagant Chanel cupcakes? ;)

Chanel Make-up cupcakes?

Or maybe a cake n the shape of the ultimate Chanel bag that almost everyone wishes to have 
but only few can (due to its unbelievably high price)- the cake is less expensive-must be!! ?

or these cute Chanel cookies?

Or maybe a wedding cake in the black-white Chanel Style?

I wouldn't be surprised if some brides insisted on having such "haute Couture" cakes ;)

A Tiny cute solution for your unsaid "tiny words" ;)

Have you ever wanted to say a tiny word to someone and thought your word too tiny to be sent! to be mailed! to be appreciated!?
Here is a tiny solution  that the artist Lea Redmond came up with...

Since 2008, Redmond has operated a a miniature post service, transcribing tiny letters and shipping micro packages around the world through her website=> Leafcutter designs 

It's a tiny world after all and tiny letters and packages would help in spreading the tiny words and acts that are at times left unsaid and a simple "hello" or a tiny "sorry"...won't you agree? 

And you know what! If you are so interested in this tiny idea, you can get your own kit of these tiny packages and letters ...& here is a tiny thought; why not open your own branch of the world's smallest Post service ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Recharge your mobile using a T-shirt

's true !

"Mobile phone giant Orange has released a prototype t-shirt which powers mobiles while festival-goers watch bands in action.
Users can plug their phone in to the t-shirt, which uses noise-responsive technology, for a quick top-up charge whenever they need it".

I guess it won't be of use here since we don't have such noise-gathering as concerts! really! hmmm...

On second thought, we , No,sorry! -guys might be able to use it during football match!, while racing up with their cars in the streets while enjoying the deafening music!! 
What about us! Girls! can't we make use of such a T-shirt!?

sure...wear it to one of these noisy weddings or parties...LOL

Here is the link to the news if you'd like to check it out ;) 

T-shirt recharges mobile phones

And here is the Arabic-translated article on Electrony ;)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beastly! (the Movie)

Beastly (the movie){Blog update}

I watched Beastly last night....well, not my type of movies- I should have listened to my sister’s warning about it..LOL
It seems more like a fairy tale story that ends with the hero having learned a valuable lesson about inside beauty and kindness , etc.
The main attraction, I'd say, is the hunk "Alex Pettyfer" :)
His acting is impressing when compared to that of Vanessa Hudgens
Mary-Kate Olsen did well with the creepy look and act of a witch ;)
One more thing, i liked the make-up and all the effects used to make Pettyfer a beastly being, impressive and imaginative with all sort of exotic drawings and writings (Arabic calligraphy included - on his eyebrows to be more specific ;)  

All in all, it strikes me more like a teenage sort of a movie rather than one that can be highly enjoyed by adults.
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Bad photos of celebrities

Photos of Celebrities caught in such odd moments!