Friday, July 8, 2011

Fashion Food Couture (Chanel)

 Few weeks ago, I got a broadCast message on my BB from one of my friends (MG) who was joking about how some people are just obsessed with high-branded stuff that it would be hilarious if food as well became high-branded and girls would start bragging how they only eat a "Chanel" burger or an LV meal!! 
Just imagine!!! 

Well, truth is ...
You don't have to imagine it!?  
You can see it right here... 
What do you fancy?

A Chanel fast food meal?? 

Well...Here you go

How about a semi-Chanel Onion ring? 


Maybe a Chanel Lollipop?

Maybe you'd like to much some extravagant Chanel cupcakes? ;)

Chanel Make-up cupcakes?

Or maybe a cake n the shape of the ultimate Chanel bag that almost everyone wishes to have 
but only few can (due to its unbelievably high price)- the cake is less expensive-must be!! ?

or these cute Chanel cookies?

Or maybe a wedding cake in the black-white Chanel Style?

I wouldn't be surprised if some brides insisted on having such "haute Couture" cakes ;)

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