Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beastly! (the Movie)

Beastly (the movie){Blog update}

I watched Beastly last night....well, not my type of movies- I should have listened to my sister’s warning about it..LOL
It seems more like a fairy tale story that ends with the hero having learned a valuable lesson about inside beauty and kindness , etc.
The main attraction, I'd say, is the hunk "Alex Pettyfer" :)
His acting is impressing when compared to that of Vanessa Hudgens
Mary-Kate Olsen did well with the creepy look and act of a witch ;)
One more thing, i liked the make-up and all the effects used to make Pettyfer a beastly being, impressive and imaginative with all sort of exotic drawings and writings (Arabic calligraphy included - on his eyebrows to be more specific ;)  

All in all, it strikes me more like a teenage sort of a movie rather than one that can be highly enjoyed by adults.
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Italia said...

As you know in the book they don't describe the face of the pretty boy. Overall it doesn't matter just as long as the drama, effects, and other scene discriptions are GOOD. I prefer that who ever is reading my review is to watch the movie as soon as possible. Everyone is practiacally talking about it.