Friday, July 8, 2011

A Tiny cute solution for your unsaid "tiny words" ;)

Have you ever wanted to say a tiny word to someone and thought your word too tiny to be sent! to be mailed! to be appreciated!?
Here is a tiny solution  that the artist Lea Redmond came up with...

Since 2008, Redmond has operated a a miniature post service, transcribing tiny letters and shipping micro packages around the world through her website=> Leafcutter designs 

It's a tiny world after all and tiny letters and packages would help in spreading the tiny words and acts that are at times left unsaid and a simple "hello" or a tiny "sorry"...won't you agree? 

And you know what! If you are so interested in this tiny idea, you can get your own kit of these tiny packages and letters ...& here is a tiny thought; why not open your own branch of the world's smallest Post service ;)

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