Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Inception" -Your mind is the scene of the crime!-

I watched the movie “Inception” few days ago and my initial reaction was “WOW!”.  This is a movie of such high caliber.  It’s been so long since the last time I have ever been so engrossed, so breath-taken and completely and deeply fascinated by a movie.  It’s a science fiction psychological thriller that would surely keep you glued scene after scene. It is immune to spoilers as one critic (Roger Robert) said. 
A true labyrinth where you can never be sure , where you stand!
There is no part of “inception” that I didn’t like or enjoy. I kept holding my breath all the time amazed by the pure genius of the story line and the directing. Then I was doubly amazed when I discovered that Christopher Nolan is actually the writer and the director of the movie! Now this is the guy who screen played and directed one of my favorite movies –the prestige; a clever tricky movie. But when it comes to “inception” Wow…to be able to write such an insanely intricate original story is truly a genius act but perhaps we are fortunate –as audience- to have Nolan as a writer and a director. He would certainly know how to translate his own extraordinary dream story into such an astonishing visual reality that we can actually sit and watch. I’ve read that it took Nolan ten years to write the story! Not surprising when one considers its complexity and radicalism.
The story is not entirely simple but while it reveals itself, the writer/director assumes our own suspension of disbelief as we are dragged along the quizzical labyrinth of its events. The main character is Dominic Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), the extractor, a professional thief who can extract secrets from one’s mind by infiltrating one’s dream. Now, he is offered to do a different job, instead of the usual extracting of ideas and secrets, he is asked to implant an idea into someone’s mind.
Now, how does this sound?
Pretty crazy! ha!
It’s a movie that is not simply for the simple non- imaginative minded who would reject it for it’s seemingly insane ideas.  Nolan invites us ,”to take a leap of faith” as Cobb repeatedly says; faith and trust that Nolan can and will deliver this amazing  quizzical topsy-turvy and not so sure reality or dreamscape sequences.  However, even those who lack the imagination to take that proverbial “leap of faith”, would enjoy their time with the hair raising, breath- taking sequence of action scenes and visual effects, which would surely put one on the edge of his chair.
By the end of the movie, one is left with the feeling that he has been living and re-living a circular dream that curls and rolls upon itself and you can hardly decide where did it start or end – if it ever ended!
I would highly recommend it for the imaginative, open-minded who would be ready to take a leap of ‘imagination’ to really taste and enjoy a highly unusual visual and mental meal ;)
One thing I would lament, though; “Inception” will make it so hard for me to superbly like or enjoy any other movie  (of such genre). It raised the bar so highly and I truly fear, I wouldn’t experience similar feelings again.


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