Wednesday, December 8, 2010

what would you do if you found a Money Tree?

We know that money never grows on trees..
But ...
What if one day money did grow on trees?!

What would people do?

What would you do?


Well, this is what happened the day Sydney (Australia) woke up to a money tree...
Watch the video

Money Tree social Experiment by RaboDirect

In an attempt to “wake up people’s lazy money”, RaboDirect, an Australian online bank sponsored a special experiment that fulfilled the financial fantasies of hundreds of passers-by – a real-life money tree. The event took place in one of Sydney’s park, where a tree was covered in $5 bills, from its lower branches to the top. People were secretly filmed, to see how they would react to such an unbelievable sight.
Believe it or not, the first 100 or so people who walked by the money tree flat out ignored it. Some of them didn’t even notice there was anything odd about the tree, a group of joggers was to busy running to stop and check it out, and passers-by who did stop to analyze it, just took some photos and left empty handed.

The scene is set

Money tree ready for action!

But as soon as a brave individual ceased the opportunity to fill his pockets, a crowd behavior ensued. Some just took one or two bills, from the lower branches, while others employed any means necessary ( like swinging their coats and using their umbrellas) to reach the higher branches. One of the most interesting observations was the altruism of the crowd, as some of the taller people shared their loot with the shorter ones.

The money tree experiment was inspired by Australia’s lazy money. According to statistics, Australians missed out on a total of $$.7 billion in interest, by leaving their deposits in account that paid small interests. RaboDirect wanted to see how people react when confronted with the opportunity to maximize their financial gains.

In a hurry

Joggers bypass the money tree

Is it real?

Does money really grow on trees?

Not fussed?

If only he looked up a moment earlier!

That's more like it!

Earlybirds catch the worm.



Who Says Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees?



What would you do?

Let me know...


Nada Fal said...

I'd probably drag a ladder or try to climb the tree ;-) but really.. no money is better than the one you earn and deserve.. not even my grandma's eidiyah :D

Nisro said...

Yeah...I can imagine that we'd stuff our pockets with all that money...LOOOL
Just imagine how people would react if this experience took place here!

"no money is better than the one you earn and deserve"

well-said my dear...I can't agree more.

thanks for passing by..keep coming ;)